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There are thousands of laws, regulations and statutes in California that affect employees. Many employers do not follow the law. In fact, many employers deliberately break the law, cheat their employees and steal their wages. Because the employee may feel they have less power in the workplace and are dependent their job, many employees are reluctant to come forward and assert their rights for fear of losing their job. Our office handles cases for violation of California’s employee rights laws. We can assist you in understanding what your legal rights are and help you decide the best course of action to recover your wages.

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Our office handles state and federal wage law issues including:

In many cases we can also recovery penalties for violations of wage rights. Damages can include back pay, interest and an award of attorney’s fees and costs. Because many employers hide the fact that they are not paying lawful wages, you could be owed money and not realize it. We have assisted employees in recovering wages and penalties from well over a hundred major employers in California.  If you believe you have not been treated legally by your employer in the payment of your wages and other workplace rights, call Labor Law Office, APC today.

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