San Francisco “Retail Workers Bill of Rights” Soon to Go In Effect

San Francisco “Retail Workers Bill of Rights” Soon to Go In EffectOn July 3, 2015 the “Retail Workers Bill of Rights” will go into effect in the City of San Francisco.  The Retail Workers Bill of Rights is series of new ordinances that outline employment rights applying to “Formula Retail Establishments” in San Francisco.

Under the new ordinances, covered employers must meet the following five major requirements:

  1. Advance Notice of Work Schedules and Changes
  2. Pay for On-Call Shifts
  3. Equal Treatment for Part-Time Employees
  4. Sale of Business
  5. Notice and Recordkeeping

Under the first requirement, employers must tell potential employees the minimum number of shifts they will work in a month, and what days and hours those shifts will be. After being hired, and employee has to get at least two weeks’ notice of their work schedules.  If the employer makes a change to the schedule with less than 24 hours’ notice, the employer must pay the employee depending on the length of the shift.

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The second requirement, pertaining to on-call shifts, states that employers have to give employees advance notice of on-call shifts.  For each on-call shift that an employee is required to be available but is not called in to work, the employee must be paid 2 hours of pay if he got less than 24 hours’ notice that the shift was cancelled or moved.

Equal treatment for part-time employees means that employers must pay part-time employees the same starting hourly wage as full-time employees.

The new ordinance pertaining to sale of business states that if a covered retail establishment is sold, the successor has to retain the seller’s non-managerial existing employees who have worked there for at least 90 days prior to the sale

Finally, covered employers have to post a notice of employees’ rights under these new ordinances.

Employers who violate the new employment rights could face civil lawsuits, administrative fines, and other penalties, including orders to pay employees’ lost wages.

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