San Francisco Healthcare Providers Cited Over $3 Million for Labor Law Violations

The California Labor Commissioner has issued over $3 million in citations to four San Francisco assisted living providers. An investigation of the facilities uncovered minimum wage, overtime, and rest period violations.


Abraham Rest Home Inc., Common Destiny Care Homes, Sanchez-Abraham, and Florian White Dove Care were all issued citations. They included:

  • $1,820,551 for underpaid wages
  • $1,186,308 for liquidated damages
  • $121,550 for civil penalties


Common Destiny Care Homes was fined over $358,700 after an investigation revealed residential caregivers were required to work more than 8 hours a day without overtime. Sometimes they would work up to 17 hours a day without receiving minimum wage. Instead, the employees were given daily pay rates ranging from $60 -$80 per day, which could sometimes average out to $5 per hour.  Common Destiny caregivers were also required to show up at work the night before their shifts, and they were not paid for the time spent on site before their shift started. Sometimes, Common Destiny workers were even required to work without pay during designated sleeping hours if residents required care.


These kinds of labor conditions are not only dangerous for the sleep-deprived, underpaid employees, but also for the residents of the healthcare facilities. Especially in assisted-living communities, employee well-being is closely tied to resident well-being. These facilities will likely face additional fines for violating health codes and federal laws protecting patient safety and requiring a certain standard of care.


The Labor Commissioner also cited  Abraham Rest Home Inc. with an additional $996,000 fine, Florian White Dove Care was cited with over $1 million, and the Sanchez-Abraham Corporation was fined an additional  $716,000.


The Labor Commissioner’s office routinely inspects workplaces for wage and hour violations. It also adjudicates wage claims, enforces prevailing wage rates, issues business licenses and registrations, and educates the public on labor laws. Employees are always encouraged to report violations of labor laws to the Commissioner’s office.

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