Safety Violations Can Cost Employers Thousands of Dollars

Importance of Employee SafetyThe California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) cited National Distribution Center LP, a warehousing and logistics company in Mira Loma, California, $308,435 in for not providing employees with foot protection.

In July 2012, a safety violation complaint was filed with Cal/OSHA against the National Distribution Center LP. Cal/OSHA’s San Bernardino office inspected the company’s Mira Loma facility and issued a number of citations. A cited violation is considered “serious” when there is a realistic possibility that death or serious physical harm can happen. One serious citation was given because employees were exposed to foot injuries. The employees did not have appropriate protection when working near the facility’s dozens of forklifts. Forklift operation is the biggest single cause of serious injury to workers’ feet.

Cal/OSHA also cited the National Distribution Center LP because their painted stripes, used to separate pedestrian aisles and forklift aisles, were faded and worn. The forklifts were seen driving through the pedestrian aisles.

Following a report that a National Distribution Center LP forklift ran over a worker’s foot and broke a toe, Cal/OSHA conducted a follow-up inspection of the warehouse. It was discovered that the company had purchased foot coverings, but they were noncompliant and had not been distributed to the workers.  Cal/OSHA issued a notification of failure to abate and calculated additional penalties based on the number of days the company exposed workers to foot hazards.

If the company had followed through on its obligation to provide proper foot protection two years ago, they would not have faced these additional penalties. Cal/OSHA encourages employers to implement preventative measures to limit accidents in warehouses where hazards are magnified by the size of the facility and number of employees.

If you work in a warehouse and are concerned that worker safety is not a priority, contact your local Cal/OSHA office or an attorney.

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