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Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination. It is illegal under federal law, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and under California state law, known as the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

California Sexual Harassment lawyer

Sexual harassment is usually not about sex, but about power. Such behavior may be designed to humiliate and control a subordinate employee. Some harassers actually believe it is acceptable to use their power to coerce employees into sexual relationships or force employees to work in a hostile environment. Sexual harassers usually think they will never be held accountable and will never be reported. They may believe the subordinate employee will remain quiet, in order to avoid embarrassment to protect their job.

Sexual harassment can include verbal, physical or visual conduct and generally occurs in two forms. The first type is called “quid pro quo”, where obtaining, keeping, or advancing in a job is conditioned on submission to sexual advances, or where the harassment results in some other adverse employment action. The second type of harassment is a “hostile work environment”,where unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature unreasonably interferes with work and creates intimidating, hostile and offensive work conditions.

If the harasser is the employee’s manager or supervisor, then the employer will usually be held liable. If the harassment is by a co-worker or customer and the employer fails to take action to stop the harassment, the employer can be held liable. The harasser can also be held liable.

Innocent Fun or Sexual Harassment? | Labor Law Office

We recognize how distressing it is for any victim in a sexual harassment situation to discuss their situation with another person, especially an attorney. When undue sexual pressure is put on an employee by a person in power over them and their paycheck, the resulting stress can be devastating. Most victims are embarrassed and angry as a result of unwanted attention or demands. In some cases, an employee must report the harassment to their employer and take advantage of any efforts by the employer to reduce the damages an employee may suffer. For example, if an employer has a written policy requiring employees report sexual harassment. If the employee fails to do so and further harassment occurs, the employer’s liability may be limited.

Our office has extensive experience in dealing with these issues, and understands the emotional pressures involved. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, call Labor Law Office, APC immediately.

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Sacramento Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Labor Law Office Sacramento Services

Labor Law Office, APC handles sexual harassment suits throughout California, including areas like Sacramento and Nearby cities like San Francisco. The City of Sacramento is home to one of our main offices for lawyers for employer Sexual Harassment lawsuits, and we have helped many clients in the surrounding areas, such as Fair Oaks and the Roseville area.

Fresno Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Labor Law Office - Fresno Service Areas

Fresno California is home to many employers, in a wide range of industries ranging from service and hospitality to construction and manufacturing. Sexual Harassment is an issue that many have dealt with in these workplaces. An experienced Fresno sexual harassment attorney who can represent you is important in defending your rights. Also helping clients in Madera and Bakersfield CA.

Fairfield Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Labor Law Office - Fairfield Service Areas

Fairfield, Vacaville and Rockville are cities in California with large working class populations. While the work conditions in California can be very good, there are employers who do not respect employee space and boundaries. Working with an attorney who specializes in lawsuits related to sexual harassment can go a long way in mitigating this behavior.

Modesto Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Labor Law Office - Modesto Service Areas

Sexual Harassment attorneys in Modesto, Turlock, Merced and surrounding areas may be shocked at the extent of the harassment found in these upscale and attractive communities. Whether it is unwanted touching or an employer demanding sexual gratification in exchange for continued employment or monetary compensation, Sexual Harassment needs to be confronted where and when it occurs.

Chico Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Labor Law Office - Chico Service Areas

Chico, Red Bluff and Redding California are all areas where families live and work. One of the hazards of many workplaces is Sexual Harassment. Even in upscale and friendly workplaces, harassment can still be found. It is import to have Chico California Attorney who handles sexual harassment lawsuits representing you in defending your rights against such behavior.

Redding Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Labor Law Office - Redding Service Area

If you are looking for an attorney who can help you with sexual harassment in the workplace in Redding, Labor Law Office can provide expert legal aide for you. It may seem surprising that one of the dangers in such a friendly and upscale community can be sexual harassment, but that’s why it is important to get the proper assistance from Labor Law Office

Fair Oaks Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Labor Law Office - Fair Oaks Service Areas

Being sexually harassed in your place of work in Fair Oaks California is an unexpected and difficult thing to deal with. If you are looking for a lawyer to help you with harassment in the workplace, Labor Law Office is capable and ready to make sure the proper steps are taken. Get expert legal assistance from our experienced attorneys.

Stockton Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Labor Law Office - Stockton Service Area

If you are looking for a lawyer for workplace harassment in Stockton, California, Labor Law Office can help. We handle sexual harassment cases all over California, and our professionals can help determine the severity and extent of your sexual harassment case. With attorneys who specialize in such cases in Stockton, you will be well taken care of by Labor Law Office.

Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Labor Law Office Los Angeles Service Areas

Los Angeles is a large and heavily populated area with no shortage of sexual harassment issues originating in the workplace. Serving L.A. and surrounding areas, Labor Law Office is here to help you with your sexual harassment case. Our experienced sexual harassment attorneys are understanding and capable of handling the most severe case on your behalf.

San Francisco Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Labor Law Office - San Francisco Service Areas

Are you being sexually harassed in your place of work in San Francisco and in need of an experienced harassment attorney? Originating in San Francisco and serving surrounding cities, Labor Law Office is here to help you. There are many different types of sexual harassment, and we can help you determine the severity of your case and find the best way to proceed to give you appropriate compensation.

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