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Current Investigations

Labor Law Office, APC has filed well over a hundred class actions. We are currently investigating possible cases against employers involving the following issues:

  • Cable and electronics installers – meal and rest periods, overtime and reimbursements.
  • Gas station/convenience store clerks – required to sign an On Duty Meal Period Agreement and clock out for meal periods and stay in the store.
  • Construction employees locked in at the work site after their work was completed for the day
  • Employees who are salaried spent whole weeks “on call” – uncompensated
  • Truck drivers – did per mile rate include compensation for meal and rest periods and inspections
  • Employees required to stay overnight as part of their job compensated for all time spent for employer’s benefit
  • Employees required to commute in the company van – properly compensated for all time spent for the benefit of their employer
  • Delivery persons categorized as “outside sales” for overtime purposes, but who spent most of their time delivering products
  • Employees required to buy uniform with company logo
  • Employees required to maintain uniform, but provided no expense reimbursement
  • Salaried store managers exempt from meal period requirements
  • Failure to pay minimum wage
  • Failure to pay all wages owed at the end of employment
  • Failure to pay split shift premium
  • Failure to pay reporting time wages
  • Failure to include non-discretionary bonuses in the overtime pay rate
  • Employers who require employees to work “off the clock”
  • Employers who failed to provide meal and rest periods
  • Security guards not provided meal and rest periods
  • Personal attendants who are not paid overtime or given meal period
  • Employees provided in accurate wage statements, or statements without legally required items
  • Employees not paid timely after their work week
  • Employees misclassified as independent contractors
  • Other cases of California Labor Code violations