Plaintiffs Win Hard Fought Certification Post Brinker

Plaintiffs filed a wage and hour class action against Networkers International LLC, alleging violations of wage and hour laws including overtime pay, meal and rest breaks. Plaintiffs’ motion to certify was denied on the holding that Plaintiffs failed to show common factual and legal questions predominated over individual issues. On appeal, the court determined the trial court’s order was not an abuse of discretion. Then the Plaintiffs petitioned for review, and the California Supreme Court granted review and ordered the case held pending the Brinker decision, then remanded with directions that the lower court reconsider their earlier decision in its light. The court reexamined the record and supplemental briefs and concluded that the trial court erred in refusing to certify all claims except the alleged off-the-clock violations. Bradley v. Networkers International (CA4/1 D052365A 12/12/12)

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