My Unemployment Claim Was Approved. Doesn’t that Mean My Termination Was Illegal?

My Unemploymen Claim Was Approved Doesn’t that Mean My Termination Was Illegal

Unemployment insurance (UI) is designed to be a short term aid for workers who lost their jobs through no fault of their own. If you were laid off due to a lack of work at your boat-making plant because people are buying fewer boats, you should qualify for unemployment insurance.

It is a common misconception, however, that because a worker receives UI benefits (or successfully appeals a denial) they have a case for wrongful termination. The two don’t always go hand-in-hand.

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The UI program also requires that the person in question be available and able to work, and looking for a job. And it is possible to be legally terminated, yet still receive unemployment. For example, if your employer fired you because your register was two cents short on one shift, the employer’s termination may be legal, even though it seems unreasonable. Perhaps you are simply not suited to handling money. Without a contract, an employer could theoretically fire an employee for such a mistake, without giving the employee a wrongful termination action. Independent contractors don’t qualify for UI payments.

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