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Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

Are you a victim of unlawful employment practices in Los Angeles and surrounding areas? Have you suffered at the hands of your employers because of harassment, discrimination, wage theft, or wrongful termination? The experienced attorneys at Labor Law Office can help with your legal troubles and help you get the justice you deserve. Serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Labor Law Office is proud to assist you with your employment law troubles and help you get the outcome you deserve.

Los Angeles Employment Law Lawyers at Labor Law Office APC

Mr. Carver and long time associate attorney Michelle M. Lunde are able and qualified to handle virtually every area of employment law. California has some of the most strict laws in the country, written to protect the rights of employees and employers alike. Having experienced and well versed attorneys to traverse these complicated laws is necessary to maintaining their reinforcement and effectiveness. Trust Labor Law Office to give you the help you need with your employment case and help you be compensated fairly.

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Workplace Discrimination Lawyers in Los Angeles

In California, workplace discrimination is against the law. If you have been discriminated against, you have rights. Discrimination can sometimes be all encompassing. You can be discriminated against because of a disability, pregnancy, race, sexual orientation, gender, or because of your religion. As these are unlawful work practices, the attorneys at Labor Law Office can evaluate your case and assist you in determining your legal options.


Los Angeles Employee Rights Lawyers

Finding an employee rights lawyer in Los Angeles is easy when you call to Labor Law Office. We work to help you through your difficult time and fight back against unlawful practices in your workplace. Making sure that you are fairly treated in the work industry is our top priority. Call Labor Law Office in the Los Angeles Area.


Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers

When you are in your work environment, you are meant to feel safe and secure. Being sexually harassed does not accomplish this goal. If you have a sexual harassment case that needs to be addressed, call Labor Law Office. We can help determine .your legal options and advise you on stopping the unlawful practice by your employer.


Los Angeles Wage Law Attorneys

Wage theft issues have long been a problem all across the country. With strict employment and wage laws in California, it makes it harder for those greedy businesses to steal or deny you your fair pay. At Labor Law Office, we can help you determine how your employer has violated the law and make sure you receive fair compensation.

Wrongful Termination in Los Angeles

Losing your job can be difficult, especially when you have been wrongfully terminated by your employers. California has many strict laws about such things as termination, discrimination, and other employment practices. Labor Law Office is capable and qualified to help you with your wrongful termination claim. Losing your job is a delicate situation. We understand the complexity of illegally being fired and can provide legal assistance for your wrongful termination case in Los Angeles.

Contact Us For A Free Case Evaluation!

Sometimes, you may believe that you have a case for wrongful termination. But, with the tricky laws in California, there may not be a case at all. To save everyone’s time and money, Labor Law Office can give you a free case evaluation to determine the severity and viability of your employment case and save you from wasting your time. We can help you decide how best to proceed with your case with the goal of achieving the outcome and justice you deserve.

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