Irony Abounds: Tinder CEO Sues Co-Founder for Sexual Harassment

Irony Abounds Tinder CEO Sues Co Founder for Sexual Harassment

Whitney Wolfe, former vice president of marketing for the popular matchmaking app Tinder, has filed a Stockton sexual harassment and discrimination in Stockton lawsuit against her former partners. She is accusing them of creating a hostile work environment that eventually forced her to leave the company. The suit was filed in Los Angeles, California.

Wolfe says in her complaint that she was constantly degraded and disrespected by her male co-founders. Allegedly, they directed a variety of misogynistic and racist words and phrases at her. Wolfe states she was demoted and stripped of her co-founder status because she is a “girl,” and the other co-founders believed that having a young female co-founder made the company look like a “joke.” She is requesting compensatory and punitive damages.

Innocent Fun or Sexual Harassment? | Labor Law Office

Irony Abounds Tinder CEO Sues Co-Founder for Sexual HarassmentSexual harassment is harassment based on sex or of a sexual nature. It can come in a variety of forms of offensive behavior, and it does not need to come from a person of a different gender than the harasser to be considered harassment. Types of sexual harassment include:
• unwanted sexual advances,
• offering employment benefits in exchange for sexual favors,
• actual or threatened retaliation,
• leering, making sexual gestures, or displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, cartoons, or posters,
• making or using derogatory comments, epithets, slurs, or jokes,
• sexual comments including graphic comments about an individual’s body, sexually degrading words used to describe an individual, or suggestive or obscene letters, notes, or invitations, or
• physical touching or assault, as well as impeding or blocking movements.

To show that the behaviors of her co-founders created a hostile work environment, Wolfe will have to show that their severe and pervasive actions altered the terms, conditions, and reasonable expectations of a comfortable work environment, and that their actions were discriminatory in nature.

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