Information Technology Salaries Continue to Increase

recibir ayuda monetaria es una solucin a la crisisA number of business sectors, including telecommunications, healthcare, hospitality, managed services, and financial services, use information technology to achieve optimum quality services. These companies aim to hire top IT professionals who have outstanding skill sets and experience–making recruitment and hiring strategies highly competitive.

It seems that every California company is offering a high compensation package. A recent article published by the Society for Human Resource Management reports that recruiters are offering job placements with above-market salaries and attractive incentives for IT professionals. Some can command an annual salary of $300,000, plus a bonus.

One experience cited was that of Jonathan Villa, a “senior cloud security architect,” who has received numerous unsolicited offers of very high compensation. One offer he received was for $200,000 annual pay, plus a bonus. Villa believes that companies are making the right decision to grant great compensation to highly qualified individuals, stating: “I would compare it to features in a vehicle. If you want to be able to heat and cool your seats, you’re definitely going to pay for it.”

Definitely, salaries of employees in the field of technology continue to increase. Robert Half Technology recently released its 2016 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals. This report presents a projected salary increase for all tech-related job positions. Based on the percentages, the following job titles will increase most from 2015 to 2016:

  • Wireless Network Engineer: 9.7% (from $99,000-$137,500 to $108,750-$150,750);
  • Big Data Engineer: 8.9% (from $119,250-168,250 to $129,500-$183,500);
  • Data Scientist: 8.9% (from $103,000-$138,250 to $109,000-$153,750);
  • Mobile Applications Developer: 8.2% (from $107,500-$161,500 to $115,250-$175,750); and
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO): 7% (from $134,250-$204,750 to $140,250-$222,500).

It is important to realize, though, that the benefits of high compensation are not afforded to just any IT professional. Employers expect candidates to have valuable credentials that include certifications. Examples of in-demand certifications are in the fields of project management, Microsoft, Cisco, Virtualization, and Security.

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Moreover, Half points out that employers use a holistic approach in selecting professionals. They seek individuals who possess a great blend of technical and soft skills. Some of the desired soft skills that can be considered as edge of an aspiring employee are as follows:

  • Problem-solving–Thinks logically when faced with complex business problems and maximizes the use of technology in effective solutions.
  • Creativity–Discovers innovative ways of handling business; does not feel reluctant to modify conventional approaches of delivering output.
  • Team-oriented–Respects and values each member of the team and coordinates with them closely to achieve a common goal.
  • Communication–Explains and communicates technical terms in simpler ways that can be understood by individuals on the team who are non-technical.

The demand for highly qualified IT professionals is likely to continue. To remain competitive, IT professionals must invest effort in furthering their education, honing technical skills, and cultivating interpersonal skills. When these are achieved, IT professionals enjoy not only lucrative compensation and stability but also satisfaction.

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