Discrimination, Retaliation Case Filed in Sacramento County

A gender discrimination case has been filed in Sacramento County alleging that the Plaintiff, a woman, was also retaliated against for complaining about the alleged discrimination.

The Plaintiff alleged that although she had an outstanding employment record, and previous sales experience with the company, she was told to focus on secretarial tasks and marketing, while her male sales partner was focusing only on sales. Plaintiff also alleged she had to use her own money to get food for marketing events, while her partner refused to participate in those events, and was allowed to take and consume food Plaintiff purchased, according to the complaint.

The complaint also alleges that Plaintiff was told not to write “less viable” sales contracts, her male sales partner was allowed to do so, and that the management allowed the male sales partner to taunt the plaintiff about the fact that she was being treated differently.

When she complained about the different treatment, other employees started avoiding the Plaintiff, and that she was treated differently because she is a female. Sacramento County Case No. 34-2014-00164767 was filed on June 12, 2014.

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